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Petroleum Engineering Study Materials

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Books (Author)

Petroleum Exploration 

Norman J Hyne, Telford W.M., Geldart L.P., Sheriff R.E                    

Petroleum Formation Evaluation 

Malcom Rider, Paul Glover

Oil and Gas Well Drilling Technology 

Oilwell Drilling Engineering: Principles And Practice – H.Rabia

Reservoir Engineering

Tarek Ahmed, L. P. Dake

Petroleum Production Operations 

Nind, Ali Ghalambor, Allen Roberts (Volume I & Volume II)

Oil and Gas Well Testing

John Lee

Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques

Aurel Carcoana, Down W. Green & M. Latil

Health Safety and Environment in Petroleum Industry

John C. Reis

Offshore Drilling & Production Practices 

Angus Mather, Malcolm Maclachlan

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