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GATE 2018
  • AMIT KUMAR (AIR-1):  I began my GATE preparation with the study material available at the GATE AIOTS PE site and followed the instructions mentioned. The set of questions being asked in GATE AIOTS PE were very close to GATE exam. It helped me a lot in realizing my strong and weak topics. I believe GATE AIOTS PE to be the best among all because it provides maximum number of questions in minimum cost.

  • MUDIT VAJPAYEE (AIR-2): GATE AIOTS PE test series was really beneficial in my preparation. Thank You, Team.

  • PARMOD SHARMA (AIR-4): GATE AIOTS PE is based on pure concepts which will definitely be helpful to score a good score in GATE.

  • BHARAT AGRAWAL (AIR-7): GATE AIOTS PE Test series helped a lot during my GATE preparation. You can definitely go for it.

  • ABHIJEET ROY (AIR-8): GATE AIOTS PE Test Series was helpful. It helped in building accuracy and explained the areas and type of mistake. The Last test was a confidence booster.

  • RAVI RANJAN (AIR-9):  The test series was really helpful in my preparation and provided a good virtual environment to handle the pressure in the main exam. Thanks to the GATE AIOTS PE team.

  • KUNAL RANJAN (AIR-10): GATE AIOTS PE helped me in many ways. It helped me to know about my preparation where I am standing and where I need to work more and most important it improved my accuracy which I needed most.

GATE-2018 Results: AIR-1*|| 10 in Top 10|| 17 in Top 20.

GATE 2017
  • Sonu Gandhi (AIR-2):  GATE AIOTS PE not only helped me to identify my weak topics though subject tests but also taught me to manage time through full-time tests. Moreover, I Assessed a lot of stuff from notes provided by test series, which was crucial in my preparation. 

  • Ashirbad Choudhury (AIR-3): The questions asked were conceptually rigorous. they helped attain grip over the textual matter that I studied from books. Certain things are often missed in the preliminary preparation until reinforced by an error committed in the tests.That way, by studying by weak areas, I could fill those gaps and rise in strength in areas where I was already strong. 

  • Viral Rajgor (AIR-5): Everything was at par with GATE. Especially, practice on numeric problems included in test series helped me a lot in GATE. Thank you, GATE AIOTS PE.

  • Gulshan Chauhan (AIR-12): The level and type of questions closely resemble the actual GATE exam. So, the test series is very helpful in preparation.

  • Amisha Shenaaz (AIR-15): The test series helped revise all the concepts and it was also very helpful in getting me accustomed to the exam pattern (time management and virtual calculator, in particular). Thank you, GATE AIOTS PE!

  • Neeraj Abhishek (AIR-16): Test series was quite helpful. Questions were a good mixture of conceptual and numerical portion and consisted of core syllabus. 

  • Mohd Umair (AIR-17): Test series provided me with the parameter to evaluate myself. Questions framed were extremely helpful in developing the basics and fundamental concepts and Test series were in accordance with GATE pattern.

  • Masood Adil (AIR-20): The test series will hit the bull's-eye. If you've been out of touch with the subject, it will help you build your basics and then revise the topics as you proceed. If you're in touch with the subject, competition and revision will always be helpful.

GATE-2017 Results: AIR-1*|| 8 in Top 10|| 15 in Top 20.

Total 34 Selections in ONGC GT-2017.

GATE 2016

  •  Nikhil Manral (AIR-1): GATE AIOTS PE Test series was extremely helpful in my GATE Preparation. Thanks to Team. 
  •  Abhishek Gupta (AIR-4): GATE AIOTS PE Test series covers entire syllabus and Test Series is as per GATE Pattern. It helped a lot during my GATE preparation. 
  •  Shubham Jain (AIR-8): I didn't read any books on aptitude and engineering mathematics, but I did solve all the questions of GATE AIOTS PE religiously and as a result : full marks in aptitude and engineering mathematics in GATE-2016. Due to test series, got to know about the topics in which my basics were weak. 3) Acquaintance with the online calculator helped a lot. 4) It prepared me well for the exam pattern and strategy to solve questions fastly.
  •  Akanksha Mishra (AIR-11): Test series is very Good and helped review the whole syllabus. 
  • Chandrashekhar Mehra (AIR-13): GATE AIOTS TESTS help us know about the preparations going on and syllabus covered.  It helps us analyse things time to time.

Total 10 Selections in ONGC GT-2016.

GATE-2016 Results: AIR-1*|| 5 in Top 10.

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